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aRT  & dEsign



Suke-suki Photo Shoot!

Suke-suki Photo Shoot!


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This is my 6th or probably 7th or 8th or u may say 9th or 10th (as well) attempt to post something in this blog. ;p

Sigh..I'm not good at writing..Seriously..my grammar goes off here and there, and i don't have any style or skill essential to make a good piece of writing either...(yeah, better stick with design and photography je la..)

but still, I feel like writing right now, or at least playing around with this laptop keyboards, pressing on the letter n watching it pops up on the screen one by one..(lame..hu3)


life is really a drama isn't it?

well, let's see...we have a stage and one set of spotlight

and we have this one actor or actress, wanted desperately the spotlight on them 24/7 for every play.

how would you respond to that?

i don't know..

but i think popularity or publicity is simply one feature one can live without...
life is not about popularity competition after all..you won't get eliminated by a tribe next week or week later.hu3

the tribe won't speak of your elimination, but the crowd will speak on your desperate attempt of wanting attention 24/7.


p/s: i prefer to be a backstage boy. i choose to work behind, rather than in front.
oh, btw, i seldom update this blog(obviously) but my flickr slideshow is often updated...active more in flickr than blogspot ;p

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