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Friendly reminder, I'm just an amateur ;p

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aRT & dEsign

aRT  & dEsign



Suke-suki Photo Shoot!

Suke-suki Photo Shoot!


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Unik aRT & dEsign

Art is pictures straight from the
heart. ~Ben, Los Cerros Middle School, 1999

dark cinderella, originally uploaded by Yazman Yuhana.

Hand design tee? or cool kapok guitar covered with street art pattern in its whole body?

I design many stuff, and i have one simple policy in designing.

STRICTLY, no PENCIL or ERASER is allowed.


Most of my designs don't have crude sketch..you see the design as it is.

So, need a designer?

Did I mention I design on laptop skin as well?


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  1. ade design laptop skin jugak?
    mcm mane kire tu ye?