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Graduation DaY!

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aRT & dEsign

aRT  & dEsign



Suke-suki Photo Shoot!

Suke-suki Photo Shoot!


Portfolio Bergerak Saye


Any band ,need a photographer?

Performing Stay by Estrella and 21 Gun by Greenday, this band didn't disappoint me et ol..both my fav song! the vocals r not that bad, and overall it was great! one thumb up ;)

the show works quite well as a therapy for me...yeah..company law assignment not done yet..tired of reading, went down, doin photo-shoot la..i think it's better that you do what you ♥ first, then when you got back the mood, start again on your pending piles of works ;P
Any band, need a photographer?

Special price, no woories, cause i;m going to enjoy the show while photo-shooting too ;p

As usual, for further inquiry, knock me on fb wall, or ym: sonyazman@yahoo.com

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