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aRT  & dEsign



Suke-suki Photo Shoot!

Suke-suki Photo Shoot!


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February Promotion

Febuari dah sampai.

Orang kate bulan Feb ni bulan cinte. ye keww? x tau la huu3

well, let's put it simple, why must one subject his or her love feelings to a certain period of day or month aite? ain't it nicer if we can let the love in the air in every single moment in our life (owh..easier said than done I know) but it's worth the try aite?

Back to the main topic, February Promotion is here!

Ever wanted a 'just for fun' or 'suke2' photo-shoot?

For a very cool and affordable price?

If you are looking for these, hey you are certainly at the right place.

Yiu-nique Studio brings you the Yiu-nique Photo-shoot Package February Promotion (what a name ) for ONLY RM 99. yup tak tipu tak sampai seratus pun.

RM 99 je :)

As the name goes, I want to make it a bit unique. just a bit.

This package applies to both individual or couple.

All you have to do (apart from bringing the cash RM 99) is to bring along any kind of flower with you. not necessarily a bouquet, sekuntum bunga pun bole. (macam pic kat atas 2 .huuu )

The reason? Well I can't tell you here, later at the photo-shoot session, I explain further ok.

N yup, Terms and Conditions apply. just a simple one, don't worry :)

-This Package is for 1 HOUR Photo-Shoot session only.

-Applicable to University of Malaya STUDENTS, residing in 1st-12th Residential College ONLY.

-Photo-shoot location will be inside UM Main Campus ONLY.

-Valid until 28th of February 2011.

That's all folks! Interested?

Any question, just sms/call my hp, or knock on my FB wall or inbox k.




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