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Of a Milk, Clinic and a Test

1st Confession

Well, let's start with a confession. I'm not that interested in politic. It's not my field, not my passion, it's just not me(daaa..). I'm not into politic cause it's way too complicated, as simple as that.

Still, this post is written because I think recently, the people of this country are served with so many "unnecessary stuff". Ranging from the Klinik, to Susu and the latest, a test @an ujian??

2nd Confession

Before we move any further, another confession to be mentioned: I'm writing this neither as a pro-government nor the opposition. I'm writing this piece simply on the basis of a normal, neutral,reasonable Malaysian. and the post is written for the only purpose of voicing out my personal views as to what recently happened in this country.*

*( this should serve its role as an exemption clause for any future allegation (if they were) of my involvement in politic as a student or what not later ya).

Just my 2 cents

I got the point of this 1Malaysia campaign. To celebrate the diversity of races, culture and what not in this country. But, I just don't get it when it comes to the part of the extension of its name into this daily farm product, a health service and now a test??

Here's the thing. Personally, I think unity, tolerance and understanding among races in one particular country, (in a general view, not just in Malaysia) should be addressed carefully, and with full caution. Perpaduan Rakyat, for me is a very unique feature of one particular society that it can not be addressed arbitrarily. In order for people in one particular area to unite, there need to be respect. and in order for people to respect each other,the systems that govern the daily life of each and every individual should sound and serve unbiasedly towards them. Promoting a new brand of milk, which is associated with 1malaysia, won't do much to the the peoples' understanding and acceptance towards the campaign, so does the label of 1malaysia on health services.and now, putting these people on a test?

People, or the rakyat will appreciate more this 1Malaysia campaign when they are capable of witnessing and enjoying a neutral,unbiased, not one race-sided system, from the government. Yes. A system. Let's just have a look on the trend or pattern of the administration systems that run through the government's institutions and agencies. i can't list all of them, nor can i specify any of them here, but tell me, how do people (including me) be able to appreciate this 1Malaysia Campaign when we fail to see a set of 1Malaysia members, allocated, equally in a varied range of hierarchy in those institutions? to be more precise,let's highlight on the list of top positions in these institutions. Apparently, the trend seems to be that they are given and offered only to Race X, and not Race Y or Z. Sounds familiar?now, that does not sound so 1Malaysia isn't it?

The point is, there is a DEFECT with the system that runs through these institutions and agencies. They don't seem to run in tally with this 1Malaysia Campaign, do they?
AND the more crucial part is, these are the actual and CURRENT systems that run through and touch each daily life of every Malaysian. When Malaysians themselves fail to see the 1Malaysia spirit within these BASIC systems of organizations, tell me how do they understand and appreciate the 1Malaysia campaign later?

If there's one ingredient this 1Malaysia campaign is missing, it's certainly not the Milk, Clinic or the Test.

It's the acknowledgment of every Malaysian in terms of his/her merit, ability and capacity in any profession or career this individual ventures into. It's time we celebrate every Malaysian because of his Malaysian Nationality, not of his race, religion and colour. Give them the right chances and opportunities, the right position, and the right place they deserve to. The system should be altered. Then only will people be able to enjoy and appreciate the spirit of 1Malaysia. By this alteration, I have to stress once more, the people (if not all, you can count me in at least) will be able to see the true spirit of 1Malaysia.

and yeah,I have to mention here, as a normal and reasonable Malaysian, I simply failed to see and appreciate the true spirit of 1Malaysia in the milk, clinic and a test....

P/s: Of course I take into account the unique feature of this country's Federal Constitution. (Don't take my point above too far as to allege me later, that I'm being too liberal) I know. Several positions are preserved and specially allocated to Race X, as what is stated in the Constitution. It's to preserve the original personality and identity of this country, apart from the privilege issues. My point above is meant to tackle the trend that runs through the systems of the government's institutions and policies which, obviously contravenes the true spirit of 1Malaysia, and certainly the "necessary stuff" to deal with, instead Of a Milk, Clinic and a Test.

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